SNA: Orange and Newport Beach impacts

The Change in Noise map I created shows the intensity of noise changes. This is just a quick post to show how the map can be used to inform what you’re seeing in the Google Earth data. I ran across some EA comments by Tabor Law for their clients AirFair out of Newport Beach. In it they question the dispersion of traffic entering and exiting John Wayne Airport. The flight tracks in the Google Earth data are densely stacked upon each other so it’s difficult to tell where the new RNAV concentration is- if there is one.  In addition the Google Earth data is missing altitude information.

A comparison of these 3 maps ( Google Earth Current, Google Earth Proposed, and the DTA Change in Noise)  shows the clear concentration of noise over the City of Orange, the Balboa Island and Peninsula and, surprisingly, a well of relative relief over Santa Ana.

The City of Orange concentration overlays the old Town district between Chapman University and the Palmyra Elementary School. Since I matched the 2010 population data to the FAA data you can quickly scan the concentration to discover that  3250 people will be exposed to an increase of 4 dB DNL. The Elementary school will have an increase of 4.5 dB to get to 44 dB DNL-(similar to what we have now in the Culver City neighborhoods.)

The majority non-white population in Orange’s Old Town is 17160 people. One of the 3 affected census tracts has 24% population at the 100% poverty level and 43% at the 200% poverty level.

Whether flights will fly these paths in the same proportion as the noise modelers have specified is open to conjecture- but this helps demonstrate what they were thinking and ties it to real world impacts.

(The current and proposed Google Earth Screenshots are by Tabor Law Group, so I had to rotate my map to match.)