Proposed flight path undermines LAX Noise Abatement efforts

The proposed LAX BIGBR STAR replaces the BASSET and REDEYE conventional procedures. I am concerned about the increased noise impact that lowering the altitude 12.5% over residential areas will cause.

UPDATE 9/2/2016* The proposed LAX MDNYT STAR will replace REDEYE for Over Ocean Operations. It is unclear from the Final EA whether the new CLIFY height will be 7000-9000 ft or 8000-1000 ft. This article pertains to the Draft EA specifying a lower 7000 ft crossing.



The REDEYE procedure is a part of LAX’s Over Ocean Operations – a voluntary noise abatement runway use program in use since 1985. The REDEYE crosses SMO at 8000 ft, but the northern path of the proposed BIGBR STAR will cross the SMO equivalent CLIFY at 7000 ft.

BIGCR STAR - Proposed

BIGBR STAR – Proposed



According to the Design Team Tech Report, BIGBR will NOT be an Optimized Profile Descent(OPD) profile under 14,000 ft. The altitude lowering won’t benefit from the partial OPD mitigation.

The LAX Over Ocean Operations are deliberate noise abatement procedures that occur everyday between midnight and 6:30am.

Easterly Operations at LAX are implemented only when wind conditions require reversing the traffic flow of the airport for safety.

LAX Air Traffic Flows

There may be safety and operations flexibility reasons to propose moving the Easterly to the Over Ocean arrival path but the operations serve different purposes. There can be no reason to nullify the positive effects the Over Oceans Operations has continued to have on residents health and sleep.

Please respect the intent of the Over Ocean Operations to abate late-at-night noise in neighboring communities and return the proposed lowered flight paths to the no-action existing altitudes.