Total Aircraft noise over Population map

I’m still wading through the data the FAA team has given us. Some of my initial comments to the EA team were that we needed the noise data, waypoint coordinates and.. that it’d be nice to have the Google Earth flight track data. The feedback I got back then was that was asking too much. But here it is.

Some parts of the FAA data are missing elements or incomplete and there are a couple of flight track errors I’ve found. But who’s complaining! The data is here and after quite a few hours of cleaning, parsing, segmenting, combining and organizing- I’ve been able to map it. I added population data from 2010 census and the proper centroid ID numbers- otherwise it is FAA data as supplied.. I don’t have enough time for me to do a complete analysis before the new deadline on October 8th.  [EDIT: The Sierra Club NextGen comments reflect some of the analysis and are a good intro to impacts] I also don’t understand this new FAA tendency to crowdsource the EIS but I generally like this more open access.

Before the map, a pop question: Does NextGen introduce more or less Aircraft Noise to SoCal?

Balance of Noise Impacts over Metroplex Population
# ImpactedPercentResult
3,088,07816%The same

The answer: more noise. Bummer.

The following is a map of 2015 dB DNL  noise from the proposed SoCal NextGen changes. This shows the impacts over residential areas and population. Each point represents a census block, or population center. Expand map to a separate window here.

The noise measurement is DNL which doesn’t provide qualitative information on the type of noise such as intensity or number of occurrences of aircraft, but rather represents the average noise over the day. And, I must add, it maps quite nicely.

Change in Aircraft Noise mapThis map goes hand-in-hand with my SoCal NextGen Changes in Noise map. Use of these two together will allow you to focus on new impacts vs existing conditions.

Real-world disclaimer: This doesn’t map all of the noise from airplane traffic, only those flight paths and operations that are related to the NextGen project at the major Class B & C Airspace airports plus Santa Monica. Flights between airports, and to/from the smaller airports, those in Class D and E Airspace are not in the scope of the noise analysis. No helicopters or banner towing biplanes are in this analysis.

For map fanatics this is in Cartodb with 175731 lines of data. The cloropleth mapping uses a modified Jenks to define a whole lot of buckets with symmetrically weighted breaks where the most data is. Source is FAA SoCal EA and US Census Department 2010 population data.

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