HINCHE waypoint

I’ve previously asked for the FAA to release the waypoints but we still haven’t seen them. I need to rely upon the images of the google maps. (I did send a comment requesting the google map data as  short cut to get all the points but a brief conversation with FAA rep cast doubt about that data integrity. ) The google maps potentially have errors. The CLIFY drama could possibly have been a translation error. A few days ago I found an error with HINCHY- a waypoint on the easterly LAX approach. Here is my email and response:


Hi Stephen,
Here are the coordinates for HNCHE waypoint.  
HNCHE :  N34 00' 39.49 W118 30' 58.88


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From: Stephen Murray 
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2015 1:54 PM
Subject: Coordinates of HNCHE waypoint?

In the SoCal Metroplex Project Draft EA Los Angeles International Airport Area Proposed Arrival Procedures - East Flow the waypoint HNCHE ( on BIGBR) is described at  34° 0'39.49"N 118°19'42.80"W but this location puts it a few miles east of the point on the image. Can you correct the location and release the list of waypoint coordinates?