FAA Draft Environmental Assessment

The FAA released Southern California’s Draft Environmental Assessment(EA) which redesigns the airspace from Santa Barbara to San Diego, from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. The SoCal “Optimization of Airspace Procedures in the Metroplex” (OAPM) project will replace dozens of existing conventional air traffic patterns with new, more precise Nextgen satellite-based procedures. Sounds great, or is it?

The FAA’s EA document is extremely technical and very simplistic- and not always in the right places. The purpose of this blog is to explore issues with the draft EA as a document, and as a study, in hopes that the issues of both be addressed.

My focus is on LAX impacts including Culver City and many critiques are applicable many places. The draft EA is under public comment until midnight- October 8th, 2015, you are free to use any of my study points to spur your own comments.
SoCal Metroplex